Leslie Dannels

Leslie Dannels

Associal Broker


The best gift from a client is a thank you!

Hi Leslie

Thanks for the info and the card. It was awesome to work with you and I totally and completely love my new home. I am retired from Presbyterian now and setting up my coaching busines. You will not believe how the house looks with all the changes. I have just one more big thing: landscaping. I plan to have a house warning in mid to late September and will send you an invite, and if for some reason you can't make it that we will set up a tiime to hang out.





You did a FANTASTIC JOB & it has been a God-Send working with you being that my life is Beyond Crazy right now! You are the Cream of the Crop! I Appreciate You & Everything you've had to do.If, I Ever make it back to  ALBUQ, I'm hunting you down & picking you up (w/Uber) for Several Well-Deserved Margaaritas! Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart!



Dear Ms Dannels, Sorry for keep on talking.

But, I want to thank you for a wonderful job in selling my home in a short perion of time. I would recommend you to anyone who needs a realtor.



Dear Leslie Dannels,

Thank you for your letter; also I wanted to apologize for not giving you a thank you card sooner. Thank you for your patience, great support, and our best interest during the long process. We are very grateful for the mini celebration you gave us as well as for the gift card! Thank you for being professional and persistence. If you would like to send me some business cards to share with some friends that would be great. We thank God for you. One last thanks for the flash drive. A big thanks from all 3 of us! 

You were a huge blessing.

Patricia Torres, Jasmine and Josh